Zalto Axium Decanter

Zalto Axium Decanter

Product Code: ZA007-GL
Price: ¥1,755
Region Austria

The Zalto Axium decanter makes a dramatic statement on the dining table when paired with the elegance of Zalto stemware.

Designed for all red or white wines that require ample room to breathe.


  • Height 204 mm or 8 inches
  • Capacity 1.45L or 49 ounces
  • Lead-Free
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Resistant to clouding


Praise for Denk'Art Glasses

"The Denk'Art glass is fleet-footed, very elastic and despite the almost delicate working, surprisingly break-proof. Furthermore, it makes a great visual impact, is contemporary and all features considered superior to all other glasses."

—Heinz Reitbauer, patron of Michelin-starred restaurants Steirereck and Pogusch


"Great wines develop even better in the new Denk'Art glass – a great enrichment for the entire glass- and wine-world!"

—Franz Hirtzberger, winemaker and chairman of "Vinea Wachau"


"We recently discovered Zalto Denk'Art glassware from Austria, whose elegant, eye-catching design first piqued our interest and whose dishwasher-safe performance won us over."

—Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, The Washington Post


"The glasses have become meanwhile in the wine world real cult objects." —Herbert Hacker, Format-Magazin, Austria